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Products > Medical Bandages > > Cohesive Elastic Bandage(self-adhesive)
Product name : Cohesive Elastic Bandage(self-adhesive)
Product No. : CEB3590120
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Cohesive Elastic Bandage(self-adhesive) Description: 

Coat a thin layer of complex glue on the cotton fabric which 
allows the bandages adhere to themselves tightly.Soft ,comfortable and Hand-tear. 
Only adhere to itself ,not stick to hairs or skin. 
BA01040 cotton 75g/m2 5cmX4.5m 
BA01041 cotton 75g/m2 7.5cmX4.5m 
BA01042 cotton 75g/m2 10cmX4.5m 
BA01043 cotton 75g/m2 15cmX4.5m 
BA01044 non-woven 80g/m2 5cmX4.5m 
BA01045 non-woven 80g/m2 7.5cmX4.5m 
BA01046 non-woven 80g/m2 10cmX4.5m 
BA01047 non-woven 80g/m2 15cmX4.5m 
Color: many kinds 
Packing:1roll/bag, 12rls/plastic bag

More information, please kindly contact us.

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